About OSThearing

A New Lease of Hearing

Hello,everyone. I am Stephanie. I am a hearing impaired.

When I first started having hearing problems, it was just tinnitus. The condition was identified by doctors as otitis media. Doctor requires me to drip a colored anti-inflammatory into my ear canal.

After a few days of doing what the doctor told me to do, I found that my hearing was severely impaired. I can no longer hear the voice of the world clearly. When my mother communicates with me, she leans in close to my ear and yells. I felt an overwhelming sense of loss and loneliness.

I don't think I have any friends. I feel like a marginalized group with hearing problems. As hearing impaired, we are not accepted by sign language people, who do not consider us deaf; Under normal circumstances, we are considered by society to be the same kind of people as sign language people.

I am grateful that my mother bought me a pair of hearing aid. I heard the world again with the hearing aid. Gradually, I met friends with similar experiences. I seem to find my own place, gradually no longer afraid of the crowd. My soul, which had nowhere else to lie, began to resonate. That’s when I really came face to face with my hearing impairment.

I put my hearing aid ear out. I dress and express my emotions as my mood changes. I appreciate the beautiful things around me and meet all kinds of interesting people. Life is in the ordinary bit by bit.

Now I'm starting my own business. I hope to help more hearing-impaired people like me regain their hearing. I hope they can communicate with others normally and feel the beauty of life and the love of their families.

Let's find the sound together.